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Passion Flower

Appropriate Landscaping for Southern California

Southern California is a desert.
...but that doesn't mean appropriate landscaping is limited to cactus and rocks. Appropriate landscaping is beautiful, water efficient, and adds value. See what we mean:


  • Fall is Planting Time
    If you've been thinking about installing a water-efficient
    landscape, now is the best time of year to get it in the ground.
    Call RCB and Sons to set up an appointment.
    Here's our number...

    See our dry gardens...
  • Water Rates Are on the Rise
    Just about every water district in Southern California either has raised their rates or will in the near future. Many have also instituted guidelines for landscape water use - especially for commercial construction. RCB has experience working within these new regulations....and can help you save money on installation and maintenance. See our commercial work...